Your Safe Voyage is Our Safe Business.


Sinoguards Security employs dozens of highly trained ex marine corps to ensure the security business in executive manners.

Sinoguards not only assesses the marine risks as well as designs tailor-made schemes for ships to transit the high risk piracy region in the Indian Ocean, but also perform due-diligent executions to embark armed / unarmed security professionals on board the ships, whose owners entrust the undersigned to take care of the ships when transiting the risky waters.

Our executions shall be strictly in compliance with The International Security for Ship and Port and the subsequent amendments. And contractual performance shall be practically in line with international marine and/or shipping practices, with guidance of and probably applicable to English law, as the case may be. We trust, Your safe voyage is our safe business.

A large number of warships from various Navy cruising at the waters near Somalia to escort merchant ships, but relative to the vast Indian Ocean, those are not enough.

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